“I came to Mark Zarrabian about two months ago with neck pain. He treated me with therapy and adjustments. This is the first time I have visited a chiropractor and I am very impressed plus my pains are going away. Highly recommended!!!!”


“I was in a car accident about 5 years ago and injured my neck with headaches every day. I saw my doctor, took many pills and did physical therapy. My neck pain and headache did not go away for 5 years until my friend recommended Mark Zarrabian. I have been getting chiropractic care by Dr. Zarrabian for the past two months and my headaches and neck pain are almost all gone.”


“I came to “Dr. Z.” in December of 2004 with severe lower back and hip pain. By the end of my second visit, I could walk with very little pain and I was fully recovered within a couple of weeks. I also had high blood pressure and recurrent migraine headaches that were interrupting my life and business. Dr. Z spoke to me at length about stresses to my body. He recommended proper exercises, worked with me on changing my nutritional habits and stress reduction techniques. My blood pressure is underĀ ”

RM-San Jose

“I was referred To Dr. Z. about 3 years ago by my coworker. She was tired of listening to me complaining about my constant neck pain. I was not able to turn my neck and driving was very difficult. I saw Dr. Z and after one week my neck pain was quite improved. I have since returned to him on occasion for different aches and pains and he has always made me feel better. I am so grateful to you, thank you Dr.Z.”


“I noticed that Dr. Zarrabian has a web page and I just had to put my raves in about him. I have known Dr. Z for a long time. Each time I have either been injured in an automobile accident slept wrong, or for any other problems, he has fixed me up. Thank God for him because I know the pain is only temporary with his help. Dr. Zarrabian has given me suggestions on different exercises and moves to do in order to alleviate the pain even quicker. I have sent friends and family members to him and they”

TC-Santa Clara